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In September 2019 it will be 75 years after Operation Market Garden - the largest airborne operation in history - was launched to end the war by Christmas. A series of battles followed that culminated in all objectives taken except one - a bridgehead north of the Rhine River at Arnhem - my hometown.

Although many bookshelves are filled with books on this subject, I learned as a historian and resident of Arnhem that many stories are still to be discovered. Like the fact that the first bombings preceding the airborne landings took place in the city part south of the river, and also the dozens of soldiers who are still missing in action. One of these men, Staff Sergeant David Rosenkrantz of H Company, 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment, remained missing until he was finally identified in March 2018. Partially due to my research on the regiment: http://www.dpaa.mil/News-Stories/News-Releases/Article/1575339/funeral-announcement-for-soldier-killed-during-world-war-ii-rosenkrantz-d/

There are still 38 paratroopers of the 504th PIR missing to this day that were killed in WWII. For their families the war hasn't ended yet. Not until they all come home. Also, diaries, letters and photographs of the war are still being (re)discovered.

On this website you will find out more on my regiment -  the 504th PIR - and Operation Market Garden, with a special focus on my hometown Arnhem. I will keep filling this website and hope you will find it of some interest.

Updated 19 November 2018 - launch date.


My published books

In 2001 I started to research the wartime odyssey of the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 82nd Airborne Division in World War Two, after establishing contact with veteran Fred Baldino. A self-published book on A Company was the result in 2006.

In 2007 veteran Francis Keefe of I Company asked me to expand my research to the entire regiment and publish a new regimental history. That idea of 'one book' that was born during the 82nd Airborne Division Convention in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, grew out into a five volume project. Below the books that are available through booksellers like Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com and Bol.com

The Battle of the Bridges

Spearhead of the Fifth Army

The third book of the regimental history was published in 2014 and a Chinese translation appeared in 2017. It covers the time period early April to late November 1944.

This second book of the regimental history was published in 2016 and covers the time period late September 1943 to early April 1944.

Blocking Kampfgruppe Peiper

Brothers in Arms

My first book which I wrote in 2006, and updated three years later,  covers the actions of A Company of the 504th PIR in WWII.

The fourth book of the regimental history was published in 2015. It covers the time period late November 1944 to late February 1945.

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